8008713984 , 1 800 871 3984 , 800-871-3984 , 18008713984 who called me from Toll-free
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Short mobile number: 800-871-3984, (800) 871-3984
International format phone number: +1 800-871-3984 or 1 800 871 3984
Region: Toll-free
Bad - do not answer the incoming call from this phone number, the caller can spoil your mood, waste your time or be a fraudster! If you constantly receive incoming calls from this phone number, we recommend that you block it using the number blocking function from your phone or answer the call at your own risk and risk, but in no case transfer your confidential data and don't transfer money to them.
negative review about the phone number 18008713984
I got a call from this phone number too. They told me about winning, but I hung up right away. Be careful!
negative review about the phone number 18008713984
They called and said that I won $ 12,000, but I can get this money only after paying the commission of 300 $. It's scammers.
negative review about the phone number 18008713984
They sent a message with the text: "The validity period for the Microsoft Windows license has expired, call 800-871-3984 for an extension." This is scam, because I have not expired the software license and Microsoft via the news media has told everyone they don't make 'house calls'.
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This Spectrum bill reminder. Today reminded me that I need to pay the bill.
There are daily calls from this number. This is telemarketing! Do not pick up the phone from them, just block them.
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